Pottery Barn Lullaby Rocker Slip Cover – Available here 845 549-3323

I purchased this nice Lullaby Rocker from Pottery Barn about 9 years ago and the slip cover is shot from numerous washings and stain treatments….since Pottery Barn no longer sells the slip cover for this (or the Dream Rocker) – and the rocker itself is still in nice shape, I have decided to make a few slip covers and I will be offering them for sale as well.Slip Cover for Lullaby Rocker from Pottery Barn

Here is a picture of the new rocker…..I think the off white color was nice, but I am going to make the new slip cover in something that will be more forgiving to the errant spill.  I will make made to order and provide a selection of quality upholstery fabrics to choose from.  I will provide pictures of these samples upon request via e-mail so call or send me an e-mail: needleartsguildhhv@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing one.  The pricing depends on the fabric you choose.

Here are a few that I have made…

Slip Covers now available from Needle Arts Guild

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Lost Art Enthusiast: specifically sewing and needle work of all kinds. Hand Embroidery/Tapestry/Costumes/Quilting - love it!
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7 Responses to Pottery Barn Lullaby Rocker Slip Cover – Available here 845 549-3323

  1. Christina says:

    Just wondering if you are still making these slipcovers? I would be very interested in purchasing one.

  2. Emma says:


    I am writing to find out if you are still making slip covers for the PB lullaby rocker. I recently picked one up on Craigslist and would like a different color slip cover.

    Do you offer fabrics or would I provide my own?

    What it your timeline for making a slipcover?

    Do you make covers for other pieces of furniture as well?

    I look forward I hearing from you.

    Warm regards,


    • Emma – Yes, I make the PB Lullaby Rocker Slipcovers – In full production with a turn around time of approx 4 – 6 weeks. I offer them in a variety of fabrics – please e-mail me with your preferred colors and decor objectives and I will send you pictures and quotes. (needleartsguildhhv@gmail.com)

      Thank you
      Mary Ann

  3. Tanya says:

    Hi Mary Ann! I am interested in a slipcover for my lullaby rocker and was wondering what fabric the $185 price entails? Please let me know! Thank you so much!

    • Tanya – sorry it took so long to reply – I was tied up in a film production but we wrapped so now I can go back to my normal work….I can do a 100% cotton twill (washable) slipcover – available in several colorss – for your lullaby rocker for $185 (please note that prices vary with wholesale price fluctuations) – you will need to add the shipping to that. please e-mail me at: needleartsguildhhv@gmail.com if you would like to order.

  4. blaircampbell says:

    Hi — any chance you do PB dream rocker slipcovers as well?

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