Mother/Daughter Dresses for Spring – Sewing Classes in Beacon 845 549-3323

An update on a classic – mother/daughter dresses for today!

Remember the classic matching Mother/Daughter dresses from the 50s and 60s?  I remember the matching pink pleated dresses my mother and I wore – it made me feel very grown up and special – my hair even got curled for the event!!  We went to church and to Grandma’s house and celebrated Easter in these dresses.  The Aunts and cousins all made a fuss about how lovely we looked and looking back it was quite a boost to my 5 year old self image.

I am offer sewing classes in the Hudson Valley and this Mother/Daughter Dress project is one of my favorite classes.  Attend with or without your daughter …. girls ages 9 and up can come and learn to sew with mom (what a terrific memory) or surprise your little one when you bring home the matching dresses for the two of you to wear to a special occasion.   Learning to sew is a life skill and a fun hobby.  Begin or renew your sewing adventure by making matching dresses for mother and daughter – (or maybe Grandmother and Granddaughter).  It would be a wonderful surprise for any little girl when she sees that mom’s dress looks just like hers – (make sure Dad shows due pride and admiration in his girls).

The matching dresses were around in the 70s too with the Little House on the Prairie and Holly Hobby styles – just wonderful!!

Some traditions are built to last – I think this is one of them….

The class  meets one day a week for 6 weeks.  Beacon is conveniently located along the Hudson River (Hudson Line on the Metro North) and within easy reach of most Putnam/Dutchess/Orange/Rockland County Residents.


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