Fashioning Something Old – Clothing of Historical Proportions for Stage and Screen

Well, I have to say, when you are tenatious about making something happen…. things DO happen.  Not always what you expect, but pleasant none-the-less.  Sewing is taking me into yet another wonderful direction.  I think I am reaching a point though, where I need to decide which path I should follow as this sewing adventure has started to branch out in several different directions.  My first passion was and still is hand sewing/embroidery and the making of historical reproduction apparel.  While that has been the direction of my greatest interest, it has not always allowed me very much opportunity to make a living doing it – and you have to eat and pay the rent, right?

Offering sewing classes and doing work shops has provided actual cash flow as does the making and selling of slipcovers and doing a bit of upholstery work.  The upholstery work, however, is very time consuming and while I enjoy doing it I would really need to devote myself to it if I am to become really good at it and make a name for myself and be able to call myself a “professional”.

The Americans Home Sweet Home production and the wardrobe work I was so lucky to be able to provide has led me to more costume work and I am really hoping that this trend continues.  I would love to have an on-line catalog of historical garments that I could sells but I would really like to find more work for in stage and screen productions that need period clothing.


About nacientneedle

Lost Art Enthusiast: specifically sewing and needle work of all kinds. Hand Embroidery/Tapestry/Costumes/Quilting - love it!
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