Civil War Re-enactment in the Hudson Valley – Quilts making a statement

The Needle Arts Guild has launched a new web site ( to provide a source for Civil War and Revolutionary War Apparel.  I make and sell carefully studied and selected patterns of the period to provide authentic reproductions – custom made to your measurements.   But I’d like to  offer some insight into the history of Civil War Quilts…because I am delving into the world of historical reproduction quilting….so here is a little note on quilts of the Civil War –



In the 1850’s, as the issue of slavery became increasingly volatile, Southerners were both angry and afraid of the Northern abolitionists threats.  They felt that they had every right to their opinion and the right to secede.  Women could not vote but they certainly had an opinion.  Both Northern and Southern women demonstrated their fierce loyalty and support in the only ways they could and Quilts played a big part in that by displaying to the world how they felt.  Their quilts were banners – their voice to the world.  Elizabeth Moffitt Lyle’s “The Constitution and the Union – Forever” Quilt is in the Smoky Hill Museum in Salina, Kansas.

Constitution Forever Quilt

Southern women made quilts with “Secession” embroidered on them or depicted a pelican triumphant over an eagle.  The quilts were carried into battle by their sons and husband and  hung on clothes lines at home to show support of their side.

Liberty civil war

Tomorrow I will discuss how quilts played a part in the underground railroad and as my blog progresses I hope to share some patterns and video demonstrations of how to make your own Civil War Quilt – which will come in handy for all the reenactment events you go to – or to give as a gift to your favorite Civil War History buff.

Sew On!

Mary Ann


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