Lullaby and Dream Rocker Slipcovers – Discovering Denim

Denim is such a wonderful versitile fabric.  It looks and feels great.  It Gives a classic, comfortable and homey look…I really like the way this rocker turned out.  Perfect for summer, but would transition equally well for a cozy fall look.

denim lullaby rocker 017My work room is a mess, but I just had to get the picture up because I really like the way denim looks on the Pottery Barn furniture.  I am not usually a denim type of gal, but I think this looks pretty nice…if I DO say so myself.

Just fyi – The regular price for this slipcover is $420 and it is a 100% cotton denim – washable.  When the fabric goes on sale – which it happens to be right at this moment – I can offer it for $355.

just e-mail: for fabric sample pics and price quotes.

I’ll be here…sewing…Pottery Barn lullaby and dream rockers,  sofas, loveseats and chair slipcovers are what I do.


About nacientneedle

Lost Art Enthusiast: specifically sewing and needle work of all kinds. Hand Embroidery/Tapestry/Costumes/Quilting - love it!
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