Ashwell’s Shabby Chic Couture Slipcovers for your home

Wow, when I found Rachel Ashwell’s site I was really drawn to the look. This is what I want my site/blog to be when it grows up. She has very beautiful things and I love the fabrics that she offers for home decorators. I would love to make slipcovers for my customers using her fabrics. In fact, I would love to advertise her fabrics on my site! Perhaps I will just have to ask her about that.

I make slipcovers for all types of upholstered furniture – it seems to be quite popular now. It is nice to be able to have multiple sets of slip covers to change your room from season to season. And there is the added benefit of being able to have drapes to match & coordinate. So, just e-mail me at: and I will be happy to make the slip covers, drapes and pillows so you too can create a Shabby chic couture room.


About nacientneedle

Lost Art Enthusiast: specifically sewing and needle work of all kinds. Hand Embroidery/Tapestry/Costumes/Quilting - love it!
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