Hella’s Revolutionary War Styles

Hella's Revolutionary War Styles

My friend and mentor Hella Beale makes very fine reproduction apparel – she has been at it a long time and is THE person I go to when I am not sure how its done! All of her pieces are exquisite and she has agreed to let me post a few of them here and offer them for sale. These are absolutely gorgeous gowns and I am sure they will not last long with Rev War Season upon us.

Contact Hella at: lancer16@verizon.net

Due to the fact that these are not mass produced gowns – each is a one-of-a-kind she says – and I quote: “there are too many prices to post so just e-mail if you are interested. All need to be worn with stays and panniers and the petty coats are separate.”

She has several gowns in Sizes 10-16 petit and they come in cotton, silks and linen. You will have to e-mail Hella directly (lancer16@verizon.net) and she will be happy to have you stop in a try some on. If your not in the Hudson Valley to come and try one on, I’m sure Hella will be able to find a few (based on your measurements) that will fit you to a tea.


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