Crewel Embroidery Project: Woodland in Wool

Crewel Embroidery Project: Woodland in Wool

This cute wooly project will be my first on-line workshop. I will be  posting weekly updates on how this project progresses and, hopefully learn to become more savvy with how to post beautiful and more details pictures.

I am working on this project with a group of ladies from the Beacon area – we meet once a week on Thursday evenings and if we really click then I am hoping to establish a Regional Chapter of the Embroiders Guild of America.  But taking one step and stitch at a time…we will do Woodland in Wool.

We met for the first time last Thursday at  Bank Square, a local coffee house which provided less than perfect lighting.  I drew the flowers and helped everyone hoop up and then we started to work the red flower on practice fabric.  Once we have completed this test/practice flower we will transfer the entire project onto larger piece of linen and work to completion. We will be moving our meetings to our local Library where we will have the room to spread out and set up some good sewing lights.

This project was found in a book in my local library called “Embroidery Companion” by Alicia Paulson and gives fairly good instructions on how to work the piece


The first thing we have done here is outline the flower petals with one strand of red Paternayan 100% virgin wool yarn in stem stitch. One of the first things we discovered is the importance of using a good hoop! Cheap-o hoops just do not hold the fabric tightly and bend too much. I have a good wooden hoop inherited from my mother, but do not know the manufacturer.

It has a nice wing nut to enable a good tightening and it’s got nice 1″ wide hoop bands..

More next week!

Your comments and suggestions are very welcome as this is the first on-going project that I have ever posted and I would like to get better and better at it as time goes on….


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2 Responses to Crewel Embroidery Project: Woodland in Wool

  1. Kathleen says:

    Good grief, Mary Ann, don’t you have enough to do?. You are amazing!
    Congrats on the on-line project!!!
    A couple of thoughts-is this a blog or an online class/tutorial? If the latter, how much detail will you provide to your on-line readers? If you plan to be very detailed, may I suggest you think about some of these things to include
    Hoop size
    Hoop preparation (binding?)
    kind of Needle used
    Exact description/preparation of fabric
    How pattern is transferred
    Sources for stitch tutorials (you tube, etc)

    • Hi Kathleen – I was originally thinking I would make an on-line project for an upholstery project – I’ve got a cute little love seat just waiting for a make over. But I began to doubt the wisdom of making the project such a large one for my first on-line project. I started the Woodland in Wool Crewel Embroidery project with a group of ladies that came to an earlier embroidery workshop I had given and once it got underway, I thought it would be useful to them and me to see the progress on line – to refer to when they were in doubt about what to do next and to help us remember each others names etc…

      Working on that today, I realized that this would be a good first on-line project. Less of a tutorial and more of just following along with the progress of a project for anyone interested.
      I will add more detailed info as you suggested and indeed, my next post was going to cover hooping up and different methods of transferring a pattern.

      Thank you for the feed back! I really do appreciate the input. It helps me organize my thoughts and zero in on important issues.

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