Slipcovers and Drapery Work in the Hudson Valley

I have been working hard in my sewing work room and even though I have not had time to update my blog the orders keep rolling in. I had been working hard on pinch pleat drapes/curtains, duvet and shams – some of them in French General collection fabrics. (a favorite of mine.) The Pottery Barn Lullaby Rocker slipcover orders are still rolling in – a few every week. Some times is hard to keep up!! I’m also happy to say that I’ve been getting a lot more orders for locals. The Spring and Fall always provides a flurry of new orders as everyone wants to update and freshen their spaces as the seasons change.


I can help you find the perfect fabric to coordinate and compliment your room – so e-mail me with your questions and I’ll get back to you with pictures/fabric and price quotes.

Thank you for all the orders – keep them coming.


About nacientneedle

Lost Art Enthusiast: specifically sewing and needle work of all kinds. Hand Embroidery/Tapestry/Costumes/Quilting - love it!
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