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Hi, I’m Mary Ann – a.k.a. The Nacient Needle.  I love to do needle work and sewing in various forms.  Hand embroidery, tapestry, crewel was what really got me started, but my mother was not just a sewing enthusiast, but also worked for Bobbie Brooks – which was a really nice women’s clothing manufacturer before all the jobs were sent overseas.  Anyway…sewing is so fun and creative and most importantly to me – it is as challenging as you want it to be. It is not a simple arts and crafts type hobby. It is relaxing and fun to do but each piece that you make – be it a dress, slipcover, curtains, or an embroidery or smocking piece – it is like a work of art that you have created by your own hands.  I do embroidery workshops throughout the Hudson Valley in historical homesteads, museums and libraries.

I teach sewing and hold adult classes several times a year and – when I can manage it – I conduct summer sewing camps for kids in July and August.  I also like to make historical costumes for the many re-enactments that are popular in our Historic Hudson Valley.

And finally, I do upholstery work for local Hudson Valley customers and make slip covers for many types of furniture which are sold all over the country.


Your Nacient Needle

Mary Ann



12 Responses to About Mary Ann Kronk

  1. Hi Mary Ann,
    No need to send me pictures–I can look at them through your website when they’re up.
    New website needs a little time to get complete–I understand!

    • Hi Kathy – new picture is up – not quite finished, but I wanted to get it on there. I’m busier than a one-legged chicken!

      I’ve been asked to do Betsy Ross First Person Interpretation (Impersonation…) and I’m busy ready a HUGE book on the life of Betsy Ross and trying to find a good costume pattern to make before June!! So exciting.

      Mary Ann
      Mary Ann

    • Kathy: Here is my latest – “Guinea Pigs in the Garden”. Can you post it on the Stone House Web site near the announcement of getting the money for the gardens?

      Mary Ann

  2. Laura says:

    Your classes sound interesting. My 8 yr old wants to sew. Are kids welcome? And where are the classes?

    • Laura,

      You bet kids are welcome – evening classes can be from 6pm to 8pm one day a week or earlier if 5pm – 7pm is better for you. It would be fun to do a Halloween Costume with you both! Call me to let me know what type of pattern you would be interested in doing – 845 549-3323. Classes are in Beacon which is in Southern (very Southern) Duchess County.

      Mary Ann

  3. Mary Alva says:

    Hi Mary Ann,
    I have a Junior Girl Scout troop that I would love to have either come to you or you to us for sewing lessons. Can you email me with details if this is possible.
    Mary Alva
    Troop 72-Cornwall

    • Mary, – I would love to come to your troop for sewing lessons! That would be terrific. I can come either once a week or every other week for 6 to 8 sessions (which is about how long you need to work through a basic pattern with enough time to not feel like we are under pressure to finish. We can arrange a schedule that works for you / the girls…and have a fashion show when we are finished! Call me: 845 549-3323 so we can discuss.

      I can bring 2 machines with me – this is enough for a group of 5 or 6 girls as you need to be actively supervising so everyone is not sewing at the same time. How many girls (approx) are in your troop/want to participate?
      Mary Ann

  4. Deanna Carman says:

    Is there anyone in the Dallas area who has classes and expertise like you?

  5. Brenda Spencer says:

    Is there anyone in phoenix area who has classes and expertise like you?

  6. I am sure there are local chapters of the the American Sewing Guild and other such organization in the Pheonix area – that is where you will find all the stitching fanatics!!

  7. Lauren Conde says:

    I am a junior in highschool planning to have a major in fashion design. I just bought my own sewing machine and I have no idea how to sew. For my portfolio I need to have a part with garments I have sewn which I never have done. The store I bought my sewing machine is showing me a couple of lessons also but it would be great to have a lesson with you so I would like to set up an appointment with you. Should I call you or email you?

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